Destined For Grace School

The mission of Destined for Grace is to provide an education to children in Mirebalais, Haiti.  For the past five years, we have been doing just that!  Ecole Destined For Grace educates and feeds students in kindergarten through 6th grade.

Ecole Destined for Grace has had an incredible year thus far! We have grown to have 210 students enrolled at our school and are seeing exceptional results academically. The students are growing physically, academically and spiritually. Due to our generous sponsors, our students this year have enjoyed more school supplies, textbooks, extracurricular activities and a wider variety of food offered through our meal program. We are thrilled by the results we have seen in these students and the progress they are making. Their determination to take their studies seriously is inspiring!

You can help our students achieve this academic success by sponsoring their education.  For $125 a year you can sponsor a child at Ecole Destined For Grace.  The $125 covers a student’s tuition, uniform, school supplies and a hot meal each day.  You can sponsor a student by sending in a check to our P.O. box, donating online through PayPal or visiting one of our stores.

Our students and their families are responsible for contributing $1 a month toward their students education.  The rest of the cost is covered through your sponsorships and funds raised at our thrift stores.  We require the families to pay a small fee so that they feel involved and take ownership of their child’s education.  We are currently accepting sponsorships for the 2016/2017 school year!

Building Project

It has been our vision from the start to establish a school on our property in Haiti.  That vision has becoming a reality! We have officially built a new school on our four acres of land in Haiti!  It has been a long process raising funds along with selecting an appropriate team of engineers and contractors.  The new school opened January 2016.  Everyone involved with the school is extremely excited about our new school!  We are currently raising funds to furnish the classrooms of the new school.  We need to purchase additional chalkboards, desks, chairs and tables.  If you feel called to donate to this cause please note classroom fund in your check memo line.  God has blessed Destined for Grace in so many ways and we continue to trust in the direction He is guiding us.

We are blessed to have such a great piece of property for our school.  We are in the process of fencing our property to keep the students safe and contained during the school day.  Thank you to All Saints-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church for a grant to start our fence project.

Please support our projects and help us to continue providing a well balanced education to Haitian children! First Day of School Video

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